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Responsible Removal of Illegally Dumped Waste

We have services to clear from one big bag to copious amounts of lorry loads dumped/fly tipped on your sites.

It’s a sad observation that fly tipping occurs just about everywhere. The evidence of this incredibly disrespectful practice of illegally depositing rubbish on land without permission from the landowners can be seen in fields, woods, and plenty of other open spaces.

You can find such items as refrigerators, freezers, tyres, mattresses, as well as old appliances and furniture. Sometimes, a dumping may even include hazardous waste. From harmful objects such as needles and broken glass to outright toxic substances such as asbestos and dangerous chemicals, these are things that you don’t want littering your land. It can’t be helped, however; as the cost of disposing of items becomes higher and higher, so does the number of individuals and organisations that make the irresponsible choice to dump their waste illegally.

Fly tipping isn’t always a case of landowners finding their property violated by the dumping of other people’s garbage; other times, the term refers to the dumping on land where there’s no licence to allow the deposit of waste.

Because of this irresponsible behaviour, there are businesses that offer fly tipping clearance. If you have illegally dumped waste from your site, you know what kind of service to look for. Companies that deal with fly-tipped waste typically include a wider range of related services, such as commercial waste removal.






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How do you know which company to contact to clear your property of disposed of waste?

Understandably, you want to hire a competent and efficient service. It should be fast and efficient in collecting and safely disposing of dumped waste. Beyond the obvious, you want to engage a service that holds the environment as a high priority. This means that the clearance service intends to recycle as much of the waste it collects as possible, and the rest, it disposes of ethically. This method not only assures you of an eco-conscious solution, but it also indicates a more cost-effective way to take care of the problem.

You want to do business with a company who has an impressive record of collecting fly-tipped waste. It also bodes well when it is in contract with major waste management companies and retailers. Hopefully, your call is a singular case and is merely a one-off collection, but for many property owners, fly tipping is a recurring problem. For this, it’s good to have a reliable service ready to take care of your clearance needs.

Typically, uniformed workmen will attend to the process of clearance. It doesn’t stop there, however; they also send you an accomplished duty of care document. There’s a full paper trail involved.
It’s always best to opt for the legal and responsible solutions, so if you find your land littered with illegally dumped rubbish, contact a fly tipping clearance service right away.