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Why You Need Professional Essex Fencing

Boundary structures, like fencing, exist to provide you with privacy, security, and a clear guideline as to who’s responsible for which side of the land (i.e., boundary agreement with neighbours). It could be made from timbre or metal. It could be painted or stained. It could be closeboard fencing or palisade. Whatever the material and the design, you may be better off passing on the project to a professional than taking it on yourself.

Areas of fencing that we would typically work in:

  • Commercial and Domestic Fencing
  • Bin Areas
  • Gazebos
  • Gates and Barriers
  • Manual and Automated






Stable Fencing

For starters, fencing has to be stable. Otherwise, it will defeat its purpose in providing you with privacy and security. Professional Essex fencing services know how deep your post needs to be and how it is positioned. Both will allow for a sturdy boundary structure that does not weaken at the slightest pressure.

The depth and position of your fence posts are not the only considerations for building the boundary structure. You also have to think about which type of post is suitable. Know that some fence posts are prone to rotting, like wood, while others need a fair bit of work to install, like concrete. Of course, most wooden posts will be pre-treated for insect attack and prevent rotting.

You will also need to determine the number of panels required to build your fencing. So you will have to measure the length of the area being fenced. A professional fencing service not only knows how to do this accurately, but they will also have the tools for the job.

Dummy image

Dummy image

Preparation to Installation

Speaking of tools, you will need the right ones for the installation of your fencing. From the mitre saw to the digging spade, fencing services in Essex come prepared for the project. Tools to clear the area of vegetation or weed may also be needed. Once the site is good and proper, the installation can get underway. The area to be fenced is marked; the fencing posts are fixed, and then fixing the panels comes next.

It is, to say the least, a lot of hard work. Owing to its significant function for your property, fencing in Essex requires expertise and experience. You need your boundary structure to remain strong and durable, no matter what the conditions. By hiring professionals to do the job, you allow this critical property feature to perform as expected. You will get the kind of privacy you want and the level of security you need.

As a final bit of advice, check your title deed for any limitations and secure your local council’s recommendation to make sure your fencing complies with planning rules.