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Now Plus Groundworks & Estate Management

[su_note note_color="#fff" text_color="#999" radius="2" class="custom-su-note"]Now Plus Groundworks & Estate Management is part of the Plus Group that specialise in all aspects of estate management from your private home to schools, private industrial estate and housing/community estates. We offer a large range of utility services. The company’s ethos is to solve problems for our customers efficiently economically and act as a consultant for them to achieve long and short term solutions. We pride ourselves on owning a set of specialist equipment for these varied activities that in turn allows us to be commercially competitive by not having to use hired in equipment and or subcontractors to us.[/su_note][/su_heading]

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Groundworks & Drainage

From choosing an excellent groundworks contractor to finding drainage solutions that work well and look lovely...[/su_note]

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Soft & Hard Landscaping

Find out from our professionals what the difference is between soft and hard landscaping and what our process is...[/su_note]

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Site Safety & Clearance

We have services to clear from one big bag to copious amounts of lorry loads dumped/fly tipped on your sites...